About Artist

Hello, I’m Jules, owner and CEO of JARMAN Fine Art & Marketing Solutions Pty Ltd. I’ve been full-time professional artist for a while and work from my studio at Quamby Estate in Tasmania, focusing on residential & commercial Fine Art commissions and provide comprehensive marketing solutions to artists and companies. I thrive on creating original oil coastal landscape paintings. I began painting well over 38 years ago and spent several years in my early twenties living overseas and travelling with camera in hand collecting an inspiring repertoire of scenes to paint, while doing En Plein Air expeditions on the way.

I love representing realism on canvas making the viewer feel like ‘they’re there’ becoming caught up in the moment of tranquility and amazement. There’s an art within itself really – to paint realistically yet remain unique.

Following a childhood dream of being an artist and business woman is something I’m proud of – as many believe ‘it is only a dream’ or art should be left as a ‘hobby’. As JSA studio owner, artist, and business woman on a few fronts (several hats worn here) I’m here to stand my ground and say “Where there’s a will, honesty and integrity there’s a way!” The only limitations we have are those we impose on ourselves…not from others or life’s trials!

I predominantly paint oil on Italian Linen which I love and focus on selling original work and commissions – residential and commercial. I paint from your favourite photo’s or design in collaboration with you a customised piece. Limited edition canvas prints are also available.

I enjoy sharing my methods of madness so check out my YouTube channel – Jules Sharman Art. Or my fully instructional demonstration here in the shop if you’re learning to paint.

As a former gallery owner I know what it takes to set-up business and survive in the art world. I’m grateful to know from first hand experience the difference between conventional art selling approaches (hence the gallery) and what works the best in today’s society…and they are different that’s for sure! There are an incredible amount of fallacies and stereotypes regarding a full-time art career as there are many misunderstandings about exactly what is really required to survive as one especially a ‘realistic’ one not contemporary!

I and…we…regularly provide Fine Art business consultations and have several Marketing Solutions Bundles available. The JARMAN website link is below if you are interested in learning more.

This year, 21, has already offered me exciting new art and business opportunities I look forward to sharing with you.

There’s a fantastic zone painting and my business takes me to, which is hard to describe. However, it gives me peace and fulfillment invoking me on many levels that really makes me the wife, mother, daughter and person I am.

Thank you for being a part of my world and allowing me the opportunity to share my passion with you.

Kind Regards,

Jules Sharman