About Artist

Jules Sharman, is owner and CEO of JARMAN Fine Art & Marketing Solutions Pty Ltd. She has been a full-time professional artist for several years and works from a privately owned studio, based in Newstead, Tasmania.

Jules’ focus is on residential & commercial Fine Art commissions, her JSA Studio Program, and provides comprehensive marketing solutions to artists and businesses. She thrives on creating original oil coastal landscape paintings, using Chroma products – compliments of her 2021 partnership with, US based, Chroma Incorporated. 

Jules began painting well over 40 years ago and spent several years based between London, France and Switzerland, collecting an inspiring repertoire of scenes to paint, while doing En Plein Air expeditions.

Her ability representing realism on canvas, makes viewers feel like ‘they’re there’ becoming caught up in the moment of tranquility and amazement. That’s an art within itself really – to paint realistically yet remain unique.

Following her childhood ambition of being an artist and business woman, has become inspirational to many. Her honesty and public disclosure shows genuine and professional integrity. 

Jules predominantly paints oils on Italian Linen. Her originals are available to purchase here. Custom deigned commissions are arranged upon request.

Her passion for helping artists develop their career and refine skills are shared on various platforms and websites. You can check out her YouTube channel, fully instructional demonstration here in the shop and become a member of JSA Studio for comprehensive realistic painting lessons/webinars – that won’t disappoint!

With gallery experience and her achievement of showcasing her original oil paintings internationally, Jules knows what it takes to set-up business and survive in the art world. Distinct differences between conventional art marketing approaches (hence the gallery) and what works the best, in today’s modern society, are respected and included within her international company’s marketing strategies that are readily available to access in ‘business bundles’.  

There are an incredible amount of fallacies and stereotypes regarding a full-time art career, as there are many misunderstandings about exactly what is really required to become an established artist, especially a ‘realistic’ one, not contemporary. Therefore Jarman Fine Art & Marketing Solutions Pty Ltd have a team here to help you on many fronts.

Jules and her team can be contacted via email. 

Warm Regards,

Jules Sharman