Choosing a Fine Art Marketing Bundle

Fine Art
Marketing Bundle

Fine Art business plans

What you need to get started

How many original works are required 

What constitutes quality work with longevity

Pricing Original works

Working from home V’s separate studio space

Preparing a business model

Vending methods

Devising solid marketing strategies 

Mindset matters

Fine Art
Marketing Bundle

Transitioning into Fine Art sensibly

Create a Fine Art business model

Choosing  a business focus that suits you

Intermediate marketing concepts and paradigm

Appropriate audience targeting

Social Media – getting real. Utilising it professionally

Website verses established online galleries as sale points

Fine Art business essentials

Giving work away and utilising companies to display your work for FREE – professional or damaging


Fine Art
Marketing Bundle

Advanced business model

Advanced digital marketing strategies and solutions

Extensive non-digital marketing concepts

Comprehensive Art review

Comprehensive Fine Art business analytics

Analytic actioning

Collaborations that work

Revenue growth

Fine Art Marketing Consultations
Can be Q & A style to suit
your needs
A chosen bundle

Online consults via Zoom, Skype or Mobile.

  60 minute appointment         $70.00

  3 x 60 minute sessions         $195.00

  5 x 60 minute sessions         $315.00

  10 x 60 sessions                    $600.00