Fine Art & Marketing Solutions

Due to regularly being contacted and asked for business advise to help artists transition into a full-time art career, set up their Fine Art business or open galleries, I provide comprehensive Fine Art Marketing consultations. Appointments can be made through email and consultations can be attended online via Zoom, Skype, Mobile.

Owning and managing a successful Fine Art business is complex, demanding and requires multi-facetted knowledge and skill – of both fine art and business. In early days, until your company expands, YOU are it and YOU are everything – you are the artist, designer, product supply co-ordinator, marketer, editor, social media liaison officer, digital support, business and financial advisor, book keeper, sales representative, business analyst and more! This doesn’t happen overnight and takes times to develop and master confidently while adhering to tight commission and essential deadlines.

With my experience as a Fine Art Gallery owner, full-time professional artist selling original oils on linen worldwide and current work commitments based at Quamby Estate, I’m happy to share first hand experience of how to thrive as a full-time international artist. It astounds me how much ignorance remains in society regarding ‘being an artist’.

NO you don’t have to be dead to earn and live the amazing fruitful lifestyle you dream of as an artist. And yes there is a valid place for ‘realistic art’ in the industry where historically only contemporary styles prevailed. Fortunately tides have turned as online presence makes it mark, giving rise for artists to be successful independent global entrepreneur’s – when done right.

Can be open Q&A format or a chosen bundle

Let us help smash out the complexity of not only painting but…directing a successful international Fine Art business so you can actually enjoy MORE time as the Artist. Visit our official company site (JARMAN Fine Art & Marketing Solutions Pty Ltd) for a great insight and more detail.