Instructional Tutorial

Do you find waves and seascapes overwhelming to paint? Well I sure did at first and I remember exactly why – what stumped me – and to top it off I learnt seascape painting plus using the acrylic medium at the same time. Although I had already been painting landscapes and still life for more than 30 years at the time, I was an oil medium lover and the change was a pretty drastic move! Loads of frustration, hair raising screams, tears, worn brushes and more!

Here’s where I happily embarrass myself for good reasons… below are two images. ‘Morning’ is a very early seascape painting using my then usual pastel coloured palette – followed by ‘Alive’ a more recent painting.

Earlier Seascape Painting

2021 Seascape

As you can see there’s a big difference !! The early piece ‘Morning’ lacks detail, the composition is workable but not great, the perspective is totally wrong – well, it appears inaccurate due to a lack of knowledge – perceptual / conceptual zoning and ability including; subject matter, techniques, not understanding seascape colour and tones – how they interact with one another, not knowing my paint brand and their capabilities, little know how of appropriate tonal ocean variation – how to mix and make them – where to apply what tones to achieve realism and perspective close and distant….to be honest there’s way more it lacks but you get the point.

Compared to the right image of ‘Inspire’ where the composition and perspective work, it’s jammed packed with realistic detail compliments of copious time I’ve dedicated toward self directed education allowing me to now; understand subject matter & in depth colour spectrum, being confident with how tonal values build up realism and contribute to optimizing perspective within appropriate seascape composition, applying appropriate tonal variation – distinct highlights and shadowing creating the illusion of more dimension.

My crusade to conquer acrylic and seascapes to this day is one of my greatest achievements – along with having my own Aussie gallery. Come with me on my journey and let me share everything I know to help you kick start your seascape painting journey.

In this 58 minute fully instructional painting demonstration I get straight to the point – no messing around from me that’s for sure! l guide you step by step how to paint ‘Solo’ with confidence showing my ‘methods of madness’ that work for me with acrylics. You’ll be surprised with many of them. I show you colour mixing, colour pallette, brushes, and explain in great detail everything I do and why. Plus tips and tricks to combat difficulties faced with quick medium drying time.

My aim with this demo is to provide knowledge and techniques that you can use not only to paint along with me but most importantly – you can apply them to subsequent paintings increasing you repertoire of skills. It is important to note when I paint seascapes with acrylic – although some remain the same – several of my methods are different compared to oil painting the same scene. This is my way specific to acrylic – hope you enjoy.

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