Jarman Fine Art & Marketing Solutions Pty Ltd have on board the newest Live streaming technology which enables automatic focus tracking, quality audio and visual capabilities. Close-up visual of Jules's palette, painting and brush strokes - plus face to face interaction are the highest definition.

Once booking confirmation has been emailed to you, you will receive your workshop Zoom link. Keep this link safe as replacement links are issued at an extra small fee of $10 Aud. Please read terms and conditions of Zoom online workshops below before making payment

Payments made by PayPal or Direct Deposit


No refunds are made for missed workshops and there are no make up sessions available for missed workshops. 

At least 5 days notice of cancellation for painting courses and or workshops is required for full refund.

Attendees to all courses and workshops are responsible for having all required painting supplies and technology, device set-up.

Attendees are solely responsible for ensuring their Zoom online devices are appropriately in working order with audio and visual capabilities. 

No refunds or workshops delays will result due to failure of technologies difficulties of attendee’s.

We recommend when paying via Direct deposit method do not enter bank account details – instead utilise Pay ID set-up. So enter email address instead (

to avoid errors as we are not responsible for loss of payment.